Target Market

So I went down to Pentagon City metro the other day to do some shopping, and noticed the billboards were different than at other stations. I took a closer look, and saw that while one or two were touting pension plans for federal employees - fair enough - most were ads for the acronymically named JAGM, by Boeing and Raytheon. Can someone please explain to me the logic behind a billboard campaign advertising air-to-ground missiles? Is the average commuter going to go "Gosh darn, I'm so annoyed having to remember whether my F-16 uses stingers or hellfires, I always get the wrong ones at the mall - the JAGM thing looks like it could save me some headaches?" I'm perplexed.

On a (vaguely) related note, the sequel to my all-time favourite computer game is coming out, and despite all the controversy, I can't help but feel excited - especially since I recently ofund out most of it is going to take place in a post-apocalyptic DC. So I will be able to do the tourists sights in real life, then revisit them after a nuclear explosion and a mutant invasion. And while this could seem slightly disquieting, this sign I saw at the Library's staff entrance today makes me feel nice and safe and warm:


  1. Hmm, just remember to "duck and cover".

  2. i somehow missed "metro" in the first sentence and seriously wondered what is it that you wanted to buy in Pentagon City

  3. po - yeah. Stop, drop and roll.

    ms.s - ah, but you see, the Pentagon and Pentagon City are two different places (and two different metro stops). The first is the setting for many films; the other is, by and large, a shopping mall.
    And anyway, why would I not be shopping for, umm, tanks? I could use a tank, couln't you?

  4. the notion of Pentagon City itself got me confused on so many levels i won't even admit.

    and yes. this team needs a tank, damnit!

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